TORQUE earrings. Silver & color sapphires

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Life takes many twists and turns. Learn to roll. Go down, and up, and spin around with it. Learn on your way. Let it all hang out and let yourself go. Enjoy the ride. Open your mind, your arms and your heart. Because all these twist and turns gives you much life.

Handmade polished silver earrings with two natural sapphires.

Polished silver threader earrings. They can be left dangling in front or behind the ear lobe. As this collection is inspired by the celtic torcs (round neckrings open at the front with ornamental terminals), they features two natural sapphires, different color on each each earring, one pink and the other orange.

The total length of the earring is 7 cm. The front part with the gemstone is 17 mm. and the back, 19mm.

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