IF earrings gold plated silver & enamel porcelain

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The If collection is a collaboration between the jeweler Marta Coderque and the ceramist Mónica Pérez-Serrano. They have worked with enthusiasm in this Project to create pieces that are all different, so when you wear them, you feel unique.

The earrings are handcrafted in high quality white porcelain and embellished with ceramic glazes with beautiful effects and crystals.
The porcelain is mounted on polished sterling silver sterling silver with an 18 kt. gold plating.

Each pair of earrings is unique, as it is handcrafted. There are not two identical pieces, but are all just as amazing.
They are made up of three different pieces articulated to each other, that give he earring much movement and lightness.
The piece at the ear lobe is round, the second is oval and the third one is diamond-shaped.
The closure system is silver butterfly.

The total length of the earrings is approximately 5. 70 cm. and it is 2 cm. at it widest part.
The round piece measures 1.5 cm., the oval piece, 2,80 y the diamond shaped, 2.10 cm.

Note: In the picture you can appreciate the play of colors of the earrings. If you want to receive a pair and be surprised by it’s beauty, we will send randomly one.
But if you prefer to choose your earrings, let us know and we will send you pictures of the ones available.

Did you know that you can also find these earrings in other combinations of metal colors and different enamel color? Check them out!
And don't miss the rings and butterfly necklaces of the If collection!

All our pieces are shipped gift wrapped with the packaging shown in the picture.

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