Mask. Siver & black patina necklace

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The use of masks across the world is as ancient as the world itself. They have often been used in rituals and ceremonies to mediate with supernatural forces. Mythology tells us that gods masks are represented with open mouths & threatening expressions to scare the bad spirits away. Do you want their protection and ward evil off?

The Mask necklaces are handmade in sterling silver and a rubber necklace.

It is handmade in sterling silver, part polished and part with a patina.
The necklace is a deep garnet color rubber cord.

The pendant measures 5.4 x 2.9 centimeters (21.25 x 11.41 inches)
The leather necklace is 40 cm (15.75 inches) long .
The ring of the pendant fits a 4mm diameter chain.

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