1.- Can I buy at Coderque´s online store from anywhere in the world?

www.coderque.com gives you the opportunity to buy from anywhere in the world we have an international shipping that generally takes 4 – 10 days to get to final destination, please ask us for your specific country and we will inform you.

2. - How I can pay my shopping at www.coderque.com?

You can pay your purchases on-line by credit card, PayPal or Click&Buy.

3. - How much is the shipping cost?

The exact price of shipping is´t specified on the page that summarizes the purchase before order confirmation. To avoid problems in delivery (incorrect addresses, inability to find someone at home, etc), you must complete correctly the form previous to your check out.

4. - What is the deadline?

International Standart Delivery 4-10 days (check your country with us). Stardart Delivery 2-4 days (only Spain). Express Delivery 24-48h (only Spain).

5. - Is it safe to buy through www.coderque.com?

We understand the importance of safety trough Internet. For this reason Coderque guarantees total security in your purchases at the online store. www.coderque.com uses secure payment systems of first-line financial institutions in electronic commerce. In this sense, sensitive data is transmitted directly and encrypted to the bank.

6. - Can I return a piece once purchased?

Upon receipt of your order you have 15 working days to exchange or return the piece. You will have to contact us at the e-mail info@coderque.com, where we will provide a return address for you to send the parcel with the piece. The return must be made by the same means by which it was sent and the buyer shall bear the cost of this.

Once we get our piece back home, we will check that the piece or pieces are in perfect condition, we will make the refund in the bank account number given.

7. - I lost one of my earrings, Can I just buy one single piece to replace the lost one?

Sure! As long as we still sell in our online store, the single piece you need. Coderque gives you the possibility to contact us trough the e-mail info@coderque.com and tell us about your lost. The replacing cost is 50% of the total price of the couple.

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