LINES ring. Sterling silver & natural pink sapphires.

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Handmade rings in sterling silver with a rhodium plating and natural pink sapphires.



Each of the rings features 17 brilliant-cut pink natural sapphires.
The silver have a rhodium plating to protect the sterling silver from oxidation.


The shank of the ring is 1,4 mm. wide.
Each gemstone is 1.3mm. in diameter.
You can find the ring in these three different sizes (inside ring diameter expressed in mm).
16,00 mm. (US size 5,25)
16,70 mm. (US size 6,25)
17,50 mm. (US size 7,25)


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All our pieces come with the packaging shown in the picture.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. On one side you, on the other, your world. Connected. With your people, with your passions, with your life.
The collection stands out thanks to its pure lines. It is a reduction to the essentials. It is sober so that the shine of the silver stands out; while the vibrant and dynamic colors of the rubies and sapphires convey strength and optimism.

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